Welcome to The Fox and The Honeybear, a place where I will share my experiences of raising my son the natural way as a semi-crunchy mama, recipes I create, and god only knows what else. This is the first blog I’ve actually followed through on (although I can’t really say that yet, since this is my first post – but I intend to!), so I want to try to not take it too seriously. In other words, this blog is intended to be free-form and relatively all-encompassing of things I care enough to write about. I’ll try not to make it too stiff, to let my voice come through. I’ll try not to bore you or waste your time. I may on occasion piss you off, or I may make you say “thank god I’m not the only one!” I may tell you things you already know, and I may open your eyes to ideas and information you’ve never been exposed to before.

My first real post, apart from this welcome, will be the story of the birth of my son, Floyd, this past December (2013).

I hope you’ll stick around to read my birth story and all that follows. Thank you for reading, and please feel free to subscribe!


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